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We've been working very hard during this down time to bring to our friends, neighbors and community an assurance and confidence of safety as we all prepare to return to normal. Mold N More is very proud to announce we are the 1st company to be certified on the West Coast of Florida for CDC Compliant Decontamination by Dr. Gary Rosen PHD in Biochemistry, and State certified instructor.
There is a difference between Bacteria and a Virus. As well the methods of decontamination are also very different. Stay tuned for important information concerning decontamination of your buildings, hotel rooms, restaurants, and dwellings. Being informed is critical at this time

Be Aware

Be Aware and ask the right questions .   Cleaning services and remediation contractors have now become "experts" in the industrial hygiene methods using anything and everything to fog buildings, hotels and homes.   The Concern: Many of the decontamination procedures and methods are contrary to EPA product label directions and a violation of federal law.   Risk and Liability:  Knowingly or unknowingly off label use of biocides is illegal and places you at risk and liable to employees and customers.  

A better safer means of decontamination 100% compatible with CDC & EPA Guidelines

  • Guaranteed to kill 99.9999% of all viruses and pathogens
  • Approved by the EPA in 1988 our solution is a real gas that defuses equally within the space
  • It leaves no residue and requires no post application cleaning
  • Activity can resume immediately




Is Compatible with:

  • All office and household building materials
  • Electronics ( computer, Printers, TV, etc.)
  • HVAC Systems
  • All Metals 
  • All soft goods.

Cost & Time effective

Call us and allow us to put your fears at ease. We are here to help answer your questions .